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Digital distribution

ZEBRALUTION – More Than Just MP3!

Zebralution, being active around the world, is one of the leading digital distributors of independent music. It is an independent entity with major affiliation – 80% stake is acquired by Warner Music Group while the remaining shares are held by the founders who continue to manage the company.

– Link between hundreds of labels (licensers) and hundreds of digital retailers (licensees)
– Collect content from one side to provide it to the other side

Zebralution offers a huge varied catalogue with great retailer’s recognition and does retail marketing for it’s repertoire, i.e. promote tracks to the store managers of the service providers.

Zebralution is an exclusive digital distributor of more than 300 independent labels and artists. With a repertoire of over 100.000 tracks from all genres Zebralution delivers content to over 300 download shops on the Internet and in mobile networks, holding a high market share in official German charts.

Content Portfolio:
Contend range covers pop, rock, alternative, dance, club, hiphop, world music, jazz, metal, classics and spoken word from commercially successful tracks topping the charts to credible underground music.
The majority of the repertoire is controlled world-wide while some releases/labels are owned for G/S/A or Europe only. Zebralution controls rights for all digital products like audio and video (streaming and download), á la carte and subscription basis for web as well as realtones, wallpapers / graphics, ringbacktones, video and full-track audiostreaming and download for mobile.

Zebralution online retail marketing includes weekly newsletters to promote priority releases, back-catalogue and label highlights as well as genre releases to genre stores. They have weekly conference calls or meetings with store managers and editorial teams of the most important US/EURO platforms including (amongst others) iTunes, Musicload, AOL, Vodafone, eMusic, MusicNet, Rhapsody, OD2, 24-7 and Sony Connect.
Zebralusion also provides marketing materials, e.g. photos, videos, bios, info sheets, exclusive tracks/mixes, exclusive pre-releases, ticket and CD give-aways.

Marketing Best Practice Examples:
„50 Techno-Trance Anthems Vol.1“: exclusive iTunes Online-Compilation – world-wide promotion on the main or genre homepages of all iTunes-Stores – pos. 1 within the american iTunes genre album charts, as well as several months in the Top 10! – many similar projects with labels like Colosseum, Enemy, Peppermint Jam, Great Stuff

„Stereo Total“: Free Download Campaign – iTunes France – „single of the week“ campaign from the album „Party Anticonformiste“ – increases the album downloads in France

„Katie Melua“: Musicload TV-Advertising Campaign – massive campaign for a TV-Spot, that applies the album download – substantial rise of the downloads in the campaign period

„Bob Sinclar“: Jamba! DR- TV-Advertising Campaign – presence at MTV and Viva in „Jamba-Direct Response TV-Spots“ for many weeks – high positioning in the „Media Control Charts“

There are virtually hundreds of different promotion spaces in the various online front-ends of the retailers to be used by Zebralution. These on-site promotions can result in a massive increase of downloads, because the purchase is just one click away. Though lesser known artists may not be promoted on the homepage of every major store, they will find opportunities on genre sub-pages or in smaller niche shops. Knowing about these opportunities and being able to suggest releases to the store managers is one of Zebralution’s key competences.